Meditation allows me to savour the moment. Sharing Vicky’s experience

Here I am with a new post about Meditation as promised. In case you have missed it, the previous one was about “Why is meditation so important and why it can help us to feel happier?”.

To encourage more people to start meditating I have decided to share other people’s experience about Meditation, so yesterday I asked my followers on my if anyone was interested to share their experience and here is the post that Vicky has kindly written for us.

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“My name is Vicki. I’m a mum of two boys and a fan of the more spiritual side of life. Meditating is a hobby of mine, and I enjoy it often as a way of staying sane!

My introduction to meditation happened about ten years ago when a family member shared a Tara Ward book with me. My initial aim was to use meditation as a way to meet my spirit guide, and I would sit in guided meditations for hours working on this goal.

Guided meditations are mostly audios which can ease you into a relaxed state with the intention of achieving a goal. I wanted to meet with my guides but there are tons of reasons why you might choose a guided meditation. Perhaps you want to retrain your mind to a more abundant mindset or perhaps you want to speak to your body and kick start its natural healing ability. Whatever your intention, guided meditations are a really easy way to learn how to sink into the natural relaxation process and there are some wonderful recordings out there to choose from.

Meditation is known to be a relaxing and healing experience but it can also boost your happiness quota massively, something which for me was a bi-product of that early spiritual quest. Happiness is being present in the moment rather than passing through it in a rush. It is knowing that now is all there is and what we are doing right this moment influences what our next moment will look like. Meditating sets us up to create a wonderful next moment,  and the more you have of these exciting seconds, the better you’re going to feel within the overall picture of life.

Meditation slows me down, allows me to savour the moment, and attracts my next good moments through visualization. It calms me, and it allows me to take whatever is troubling me and put it into perspective. Often solutions to problems come to me during meditation too. Who wouldn’t want that for themselves?

These days I’ve dropped the guided meditations and like to simply sit in silence at the end of my day. It is easy for me now to clear my mind and get into that space of beauty where nothing exists apart the current moment, but any beginners struggling to quieten their minds should try using music, chanting mantras, or looking up some guided meditations online because these really help keep the mind focused on the task in hand. It’s completely normal for thoughts to crop up during meditation though and when they do, simply accept them in and let them go again.

Props such as candles and insense do help me relax on occasion, but my two best tips for beginner meditators are to wear loose clothing so you are as comfortable as possible, and make sure you are warm enough as you take your time out. You will find it near impossible to be completely relaxed if you are uncomfortable in any way. Even during summer I like to hug a hot water bottle and I very rarely sit cross legged either, choosing to prop myself up with my favourite pillow instead.

Meditation leaves me both soothed and energised, even after just 5 minutes relaxation and it’s a myth that you need to sit in complete silence for hours on end to meditate properly. Everyone can benefit from this gorgeous practice, even if you literally only have minutes to spare.

So what are you waiting for? Can you give yourself five minutes at the end of each day? If so I urge you to give meditation a go, especially if you’ve not done so before.  I’m certain you’ll see the benefits for yourself, and once you have do get in touch!  I’d love to hear how much you’re loving your new peaceful, calming practice.”

Many thanks to Vicky for sharing her experience with us.

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