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I’m Duccio Manfredi the creator of HowToBeHappy.guru, a website with the mission to inspire and help people to be happy and live a happy life!

Do you know the reasons why some people are Happy all the time?

If not, you are in the right place.

This website is here:

  • to help you to be a happy person
  • to be an inspiration for your personal development journey
  • to improve the quality of your life

Now, where to start?


How To Be Happy in 7 Steps

 What is happiness and how to be happy in life in 7 Steps

 Step One How To Be Happy – Happiness is a choice

– Step Two How To Be Happy – Happiness is an attitude of mind 

 Step Three How To Be Happy – Happiness is a state of mind

– Step Four How To Be Happy – Gratitude is the key to Happiness

Step Five How To Be Happy – Happiness is in the present moment

Step Six How To Be Happy – Happiness Triggers. How to create Happiness

Step seven How To Be Happy – Understand the reasons why we are unhappy

About Duccio Manfredi:

imageedit_1_8968101587I was born in Turin, Italy, in 1967 and moved to London in 1997 where I was supposed to stay only six months to learn English but here I am, still happily living in the Albion Land!

I have lived and interesting and varied life, have been involved in many different activities and I have dedicated the past ten years in the personal development field and in 2011 I started working as a Life Coach. I am also a Reiki Master and I practice self-healing meditation every day. I am passionate about yoga, been practicing it over 20 years and in the past few years I have also discovered an interest in Tai Chi and Qigong.

What did I learn in all these years? I have learned and discovered a lot of things and I am convinced that I will never stop learning and be growing since this is my passion.

Here are the main things I have learned:

– I managed to switch from being a negative person to a positive person

– I have built my self-confidence

– I have learned to manage my emotions and create a balance in my life

– I finally found my purpose in life

– I have learned how to boost my level of energy

– I have learned how to live a happy life

So if I have managed to turn my life around and win my demons, I am convinced that anyone can do it.

So why did I start this project? 

I believe there are too many unhappy people that just survive and they are not living their life in full as they should do.

If you want to change the world you have to start from yourself as I did, I have learned how to be a happy person and now my purpose is to give my contribution to help this world change for the better.

I believe happiness can be contagious and here I am to spread the happiness!

Thanks for beeing here and I wish you all a HAPPY LIFE!

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