Friendship and Happiness Bring a Chain Reaction of Benefits

Ever heard the concept of “6 degrees of separation?” It seems that the same principle also works on the subject “friendship and happiness,” particularly in boosting another person’s joyfulness. The only difference is a person’s ability to influence a friend to be happy only stretches up to 3 degrees. Nonetheless, the message is clear. There [...]

ABCD’s on How to Find Your Own Happiness

Happiness is one of the best feelings ever known to mankind. Have you been in love? Have you traveled to places and finally checked one on your bucket list? Or have you achieved the goal that you have been working on for months now? You definitely felt some happiness in you, right? What does it [...]

When it comes to the immune system, many people assume that it’s all biological. While that may seem to be true, it’s not 100% accurate. What you have to realize is that you can actually boost your Immune System through happiness. That’s right, sometimes the body reacts to the stimulus that is outside of the [...]

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