How to Change How You Feel with Brain Salon

In one of my previous posts, precisely in “How to replace our negative thoughts with positive thoughts” I have given my suggestions on what we can do when we are on a negative mental state, like worried, angry, sad, unhappy and so on, to go back in a positive frame of mind.

Even though it’s quite normal sometimes to have some negative emotions, we have to remember that our life is a string of moments, the more happy moments we live, the happier our life is, so we need not dwell on these negative emotions.

The least time we spend in a negative mental state, the better. Why? We don’t want to create a habit of that.

Remember our life is also a collection of habits that we create doing the same thing over and over, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously.

To change the way we feel, we need to focus our attention on something else, something good, positive and I have explained how we can do that using some affirmative cues, that I like to call them “mood savers”.

Now in this post, I would like to introduce,  Brain Salon, a tool we can use to change how we feel.

What is Brain Salon?

Brain Salon basically is an MP3 series that uses specialized sound patterns to change our state and bring about a specific state of mind we want to create.

Here is a short video, to give you an idea before I explain more in details how Brain Salon works.

How does Brain Salon work?

Brain Salon is based on a science known as “brainwave entrainment.

Every state of mind has a unique electrical signature that can be detected in the brain. These signatures are known as “brainwaves.” Using specialized equipment, these waves can be measured and recorded – allowing us to map what brainwaves are present during certain key states of mind.

The audio sessions inside the Brain Salon combine special inaudible pulses with lavish natural sounds to recreate certain brainwave signatures, using a scientifically-proven process known as “brainwave entrainment.”

Each Brain Salon recording combines brainwave entrainment techniques such as isochronic tones, binaural entrainment, and sound modulation for absolute maximum effect.

Using these brainwave entrainment methods means that the Brain Salon can recreate brainwave patterns, and bring about certain states of mindon-demand. States such as increased creativity, deep relaxation, and enhanced focus, for example.

It’s a science that is backed by over 100 years of research and is 100% safe.

Simply slip on your headphones – and get READY for RESULTS!

Brain Salon consists in six sessions:

1 Creative Spark

Creative Spark can help you when:

  • you need a little inspiration,
  • you want to find that impossible solution,
  • you’d like to see your mind think in a creative way.

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This unique session works the opposite to most sessions. It attempts to  ‘dis-entrain’ the brain, breaking stuck thinking patterns and allowing a fresh way of thinking. The recording contains random and chaotic isochronic tones spanning 7.83 to 18 Hz, played over a background of gamma-embedded noise. Use this session to sit back and allow fresh ideas and new connections to form. Finishes at the illuminating14Hz sensorimotor rhythm frequency.

2 Razor Sharp

Razor Sharp can help you when:

  • you want to put your mind into super focus mode,
  • you have intense chunks of work to complete quickly
  • you need to sharpen your brain and get on with the job.

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This session shifts from the 14Hz sensorimotor rhythm through beta to 40Hz gamma, and repeats the pattern over and over, constantly “revving up” the mind with each repetition. The process is stabilized with a 10Hz background alpha beat, allowing the brain a place to relax instantly, whenever a let up allows. Use this session anytime, and for as long as required to get the job done. Take in a High Energy Espresso on long-hauls for a welcome lift. Works without headphones but the best benefits can be found with them. The session finishes at a fast, revving 18Hz beta. For use mainly with eyes open, engaged in an activity – with benefit to be gained from periodically closing your eyes briefly and relaxing.

3 High Energy Espresso

High Energy Espresso can help you when:

  • you want to speed up your thinking,
  • you need that physical and mental edge,
  • you need to sharpen your presence.

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An invigorating, brain-sharpening session, this audio starts at 14Hz, a beta feel-good frequency, and SR harmonic. It then steps up in six-minute harmonic increments, gradually up to gamma 39Hz, leaving you feeling mentally stimulated and full of energy. A binaural beat track supports the main frequencies for those wearing headphones. Uplifting background music with embedded amplitude modulation provides a further layer of entrainment. Excellent for use as a morning alarm clock, ahead of a big night out, or to inspire those tired trips to the gym.

Be careful not to overdo it: listening late at night can cause sleeping problems, and leave the session for a while if you start feeling anxious. Power Chill should help resolve any irritability.

4 Happy Pill

Happy Pill can help you when:
  • you want to cheer up before a big day,
  • you want to release stress and problems,
  • you want to really boost your happiness levels.

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As soon as this session begins, the 10Hz frequency kicks in, helping to release your worries, brighten your mood, and encourage the release of the happy hormone, serotonin. This is followed by progressive patterns of euphoria-inducing beta frequencies, each building on the last, helping you to get you energized and feeling great. The uplifting background also gives this session an added kick. An excellent way to start the day – but don’t use it too late, as it may disrupt your sleep patterns.

5 Power Chill

Power Chill can help you when:

  • you need a break from a stressful situation,
  • you get home from work,
  • you just want to really recharge those batteries.

View Technical Information About This Session

This session uses a proven technique for inducing deep relaxation, playing one frequency for two minutes, then alternating to a second after a 30-second ramp, then reversing the process. The first half of the session switches between a serotonin-boosting 10Hz and the grounding and rejuvenating 7.83Hz Schumann resonance. The second half of the session goes even deeper, alternating between the relaxing 7.83Hz and 6.3Hz, a frequency associated with releasing anger and irritability. The session ends on a chilled out 10Hz.

6 Ultra Deep Sleep

Ultra Deep Sleep can help you when:

  • you just need a really great night’s sleep.

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As you close your eyes, this session quickly lulls you down into deep delta sleep, where the body recovers and grows. The session starts at a waking frequency, soon taking you down deep into a delta, with stops at the significant beneficial frequencies such as the de-stressing 10Hz, the grounding 7.83Hz Schumann resonance (SR), and the deeply relaxing 5.5Hz. You’ll soon find yourself in a deep, healing sleep. If you’re particularly stressed, try listening to Power Chill before starting.


Brain Salon comes with a TOTAL 100% Money-Back GUARANTEE!

You can try out Brain Salon for a whole 60 days, absolutely RISK-FREE.

If you’re not completely thrilled with the results, you need to let them know and they’ll give you a FULL refund.

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