Reasons to Stop Worrying About Your Negative Thoughts

Everybody has thoughts that cause the mood elevator to soar to the top floors, then rapidly sink. Sometimes it stops at a certain floor for just a moment, but there are times when we stay there for a longer period of time. The question is, which thoughts to feed and which thoughts will win? Larry [...]

Learning To Relax Your Body For A Better Wellbeing

From day to day basis, you experience pressure from everything that surrounds you – work, family, friends, peers, and even yourself. The hardships in getting time to unwind can be troublesome. Aside from the tasks you do at work, there are still responsibilities that you need to do at home – cleaning, cooking, late-night work [...]

Simple Ways to Create a Healthier and Happier Home

Your home should be your happy place where you’re able to come home and decompress after a long day. If you find yourself surrounded by clutter, dark colors, and dysfunctional rooms, you may not be able to enjoy yourself as much as you’d like. Finding ways to make your home a happy and healthy space [...]

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