Happiness is one of the best feelings ever known to mankind. Have you been in love? Have you traveled to places and finally checked one on your bucket list? Or have you achieved the goal that you have been working on for months now? You definitely felt some happiness in you, right? What does it [...]

Photo by Form on Unsplash Beginning your morning routine with the right activity can help you feel great about yourself for the rest of the day. There are even studies that prove this claim wherein doing some exercise first thing in the morning before going to work or school can boost one’s mood helping to [...]

I don’t know how far and where the roots of “work like a dog”, “Hump day”, “little Friday”, “TGIF” come from. I also don’t know who taught us to “work your *ss off” at a workplace, how to “bust a hump” about a project, be afraid of a manager, work under stress, participate in vanity [...]

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