Top 10 morning rituals to start your day productively

Every morning is a blank sheet. It’s an opportunity to change one day for the better. And that’s what makes up our lives. If you want to achieve your goals, ask yourself: what do you do after awakening and how do you feel? 1 Don’t use the “snooze” button We usually hate the sound of [...]

How addiction to other people’s opinions affects you and how to deal with it

Any addiction is bad. And listening to everyone without having a personal opinion is the way to misfortune. Everybody wants to be happy and to do that, it’s necessary to get rid of dependence on someone else’s opinion. Have you ever worried about what others might think of you? Have you ever felt rejected and [...]

Restorative Travel 101: How Road Trips Can Boost Your Happiness

Research shows that traveling has the potential to reduce the risk of heart attacks, which is merely one example of the many health benefits of going on holiday. However, when it comes to your mental health and well-being, there’s even more reason to pack your bags. Taking to the open road can be a great [...]

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