Who runs is happier and argue less at work

According to a study, conducted by a team of psychologists who monitored 40 companies, running makes you feel happier.

We already knew that running is good for our health but it was not known that running also increases the productivity of workers and makes them more prone to collaboration and teamwork.

Who would not want to get to work every morning to a happy work environment and to find happy and relaxed colleagues?

There is a way for that to happen, run for at least two hours a week all together.

This was revealed by a pool of psychologists, led by psychologist Serenella Salomoni, who has monitored more than 40 companies including multinationals and small and medium-sized enterprises. The benefits of walking on the psychological well-being, especially in the countryside, this is well known and now has been discovered that running can also bring some benefits to our work environment, creating a happier atmosphere.

To confirm the results of research there is also the testimony of a young Italian manager: Daniele Barbone (CEO of BPSec and author of the book “you can become a Runner: from the office to the desert” published by Corbaccio).

This is what Daniele Barbone says:

“One of the best moment for me to think, reflect and even to vent, because all of us accumulate tension on the job, is the time when I’m alone with myself and I run. Those are the seconds, minutes, hours, where I channel and elaborate my thoughts.

The data emerging from the study is that a continuous basis practiced running, at least two hours a week makes arguments and disputes with colleagues decrease by 54% while increasing the productivity of employees by 55% of cases.

Another aspect, not to be underestimated, is the fact that as many as 77% of the participants of the studies,  claim to be more willingly to go to work and, if necessary, do not to have any problems on doing some over time.

53% is more willing to work as a team player. Moreover, in 33% of cases there is less tensions between the colleagues since, it was revealed, that employees are more reluctant to speak behind other people back.

A substantial 56% say they feel less envy and more willing of sharing and collaborate. The sport practiced together makes feel more supportive in case of personal problems (43%).

Practicing sport together would also have the benefit of more socializing outside the work environment, like going to the movies or to the theater in 55% of cases.

To conclude, when doing more sports, 22% of the monitored people, feel less dependent on smartphones, tablets and PCs.

But it is important not to improvise professional athletes from day to night: “Knowing exactly where you want to go is crucial. The goal can not be unreasonable,” continues Barbone.

“If I find it hard to run for two blocks I can not imagine suddenly crossing a desert on foot.”

The final goal is reached, as in life, step by step: you attend the first elementary school, then junior high, high school and so on. You don’t go from primary school to university “.

According to the study, being engaged in group competitions as a marathon or cross-country, does make people feel more united as a team (44%) and in 66% of cases helps to facilitate the dialogue. It also appears that the practice of sport helps people in interpersonal relationships (54%) and makes less moody  (77%) and less conditioned by external factors such as reading a newspaper, the horoscope or weather conditions.

Would you like to be happier? Start running with your colleagues! 

Source: Repubblica.it

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