Tips to be happy at work

Happy at workFinding a meaningful perspective in doing our job is important. The main goal of most people for taking every job they can lay their hands on is to earn money they can use to secure the rest of their lives with. But it is a lot easier doing a job where you find enjoyment, happiness, and satisfaction.

After having left school, we apply for a job to earn money and to use what we have learned from school. This is where real life starts. Almost half of our life adult life is spent working, typing in front of a computer, talking on the phone, writing emails to our clients and boss, etc.

In short, most of our waking hours are spent at work, consequently, if we want to live a happy lifeis very important to be happy at work.

Here are

My 15 suggestions to be Happier at your Work Place

1. Start the day with a smile.

If You see someone without a Smile, give them one of yours.

Most employees wake up an hour or two before the time they need to go to work. This gives them some time to think, relax, and enjoy the moment all their own. If you wake up early, you will never have to rush things up; from your morning exercise, breakfast, to bathroom routines and such. Make sure, too, that you have plenty of sleep. Read the papers or listen to music for half an hour. In short, indulge yourself on things that a stressful work environment can never give you.

If it would not be possible to have a sufficient amount of sleep the nigh before, try to have at  least four hours of rest. Do not bring  tasks from work home with you.  You go home mainly for rest and to spend time with your family. As much as possible, finish all your pending tasks in the office so you won’t have to continue them at home. You might also like to read: How to create a Happy Home Environment.

To ensure that you can do the above suggestions, go to bed early at night. Make sure to control yourself when watching TV, or while surfing the internet. Do not stay up late because you will surely have a bad day ahead. Having a good night’s rest is one step on how to be happy at work.

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2. Do not just dress to impress.

Wear something half-casual and half-formal.. Whenever you look in the mirror and you see yourself looking good and problem-free (though in reality, work is giving you so much stress) you can still have that positive feeling that you can overcome these problems. Give yourself a pinch of fulfillment and this will lead to happiness while at work.

3. Leave stress behind.

You do not want to look as though you are laid down with problems when walking out of your front door. It is quite normal to have problems at home, too. If you have one, or two, or many, do not bring them to work. Letting your domestic problems stay in your head will have a negative impact on your career. Your officemates and colleagues will have a hard time working with you. Emotions are contagious, and if bad vibes are circulating around the office, you can never tackle your pending jobs well.

A wise man said that whenever you are faced with so many problems, leave them behind and do not think of them 24 hours a day. It is so much easier to just pull a rolling bag instead of carrying them on your shoulders, right? If important problems cannot be avoided and come up at work, handle them when you have free time. And make sure to solve them as soon as possible.

4. Be the early bird.

If you are kilometers away from the office, make sure that you have an allotted time for your travel. For example, if your work starts at eight in the morning, travel at seven or six-thirty. This will give you a stress-free commute because you do not have to worry about being late because of traffic.

5. Give a Happy Hello to every person in the office.

Do not forget to always wear a smile on your face. Give everyone a happy vibe and when you see them smiling, you will also feel happy and alive at work. Infecting them the disease of positive and pleasant emotions is a way on how to be happy at work, too. Be Kind to everyone.

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6. Clean up your working space.

Clutter and dust can only give you stress. Whenever you are looking for something, it is hard to find them if your papers and office stuff are not organized. Make sure that before you go home after work, you clean up your mess and put everything back into their proper places. Always empty your trash bin and make sure to wipe your table at the end of the day.

Clutter does not only appear on your table. There are virtual clutters too. Organize your desktop icons and set them up in folders to organize your data.

7. Make your work easier and better.

List all the tasks you need to accomplish at the end of the day. Mark those that are urgent and those that are not. If you went to work early, sit back and relax for a while and then do the simplest tasks first; answer emails and make phone calls, or print necessary documents. A sense of accomplishment and fulfillment means having a meaningful and happier vibe at work.

Happy at work

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8. Respect others to earn respect.

If someone in the office is not doing fine with their tasks, do not mock them. Instead, help everyone in need. You are on the same team with the same goal of upping your career to the next level. Why not do it together, instead of competing with every person in the office?
When your colleagues see you as a friend whom they can always count on, they will admire you and respect will always be visible between the two of you. Having friends in the office is such a fulfillment that it gives everybody happiness at work.

9. Be Kind and say “Thank you”

Everyone like to be appreciated, express verbal gratitude toward your colleaugues and the people around you. Give compliments when deserved. Receiving expressions of gratitude makes us feel a heightened sense of self-worth and create a better environment.

10. Avoid Gossip

Talk to people face to face you don’t want anyone talking about you behind your back, so return the favour.

11. Listen carefully when your colleagues or your boss talk to you

Good listening skills can make you more competent and capable, reducing risks of misunderstanding and mistakes that could be very damaging to the business and consequently to you.

12. Avoid multitask jobs

Focus on one thing at the time, it reduces the level of your stress and also you get a better result. This is also the principle of Mindfulness.

happy at work

13. Give importance to your Lunch Break

Don’t eat lunch at your desk, change environments, if you can, go for a walk. Practice some Walking Meditation. or have a walk in a park

14. Practice some Conscious Breathing

During your working day, remember to practice some conscious breathing, it can definitely help you be less stressed and more relaxed. When we are upset or stressed our breathing becomes quick and shallow. Breathing deeply and slowly instantly calms us down mentally as well as physically.

15. Focus on the Positive

Even if you don’t like your job, there must be a positive side. Focus on it and be positive.

Make everything in your workplace enjoyable. Do not overthink of how much money you will earn or when you will have your promotion. Just be on the positive side and let time give all the rewards for your hard work. Set up your goals and think of reasons why you are so determined to do your job. Spend time with your family too, and relax. Do not forget to unwind and enjoy other great things in life.

Here we are at the end on my post “how to be happy at work”, as usual if you have found any useful tips, take action!

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