Loving Yourself, Online Video Course

In this post, I am going to introduce and recommend a beautiful course, created by Louise Hay and Robert Holden: Loving Yourself.

But, before talking about the course itself, I would like to empathize and explain why it is so important to love ourselves.

Self Love isn’t a destination. Self love is a journey that’s never ending. Never stop searching for more ways to love yourself. – Reyna Biddy

The importance of Loving Ourselves

One of the first few things we need to understand, accept and embrace if we really want to be happy and live a happy life is to love ourselves.

We can’t be happy if we don’t really love ourselves, we can’t be happy if we can not accept ourselves, we can’t be happy if we are not happy about ourselves, we can’t be happy if we are miserable ourselves all the time.

How would you react having a miserable person next to you all the time? How would you feel about it?

You would probably try to avoid that person, but can you avoid yourself?

The answer is simply no but you can certainly do something about it, learn to accept and love yourself.

Happiness is feeling good about who we are, accept how we are and in the meantime, we can work on ourselves to become the person we want to be.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. – George Bernard Shaw

If we don’t love ourselves, how can we be happy? We are the only one who is going to spend our entire life with us, so, don’t you think we should be at least nice to ourselves?

It is the same thing as having a friend, we should be our best friend.

How do you behave with your best friend? Let’s say your best friend is called Dean.

How do you normally behave with Dean?

I am pretty sure if Dean is your close friend, you are going to treat him well, right?

You do your best to spend some good quality time with him. You treat him with respect, you share your thoughts, your happy and sad moments and if he is upset, you tend to encourage him, support him, try to cheer him up, listen to him, make him feel you are there for him.

All these actions we take can be enclosed in one word, love. We love our best friend.

If we are prepared to do all these nice things for our friend, why don’t we treat ourselves the same way?

Why don’t we love ourselves?

You were born to be loved, to be happy, to be prosperous and to feel great in your own skin!

Unfortunately, in our society, the concept of loving ourselves, is often wrongly associated with being selfish.

That cannot be more wrong, there is a big difference between loving ourselves and being selfish and now I am simply going to explain it with a simple example.

When we are on a plane, before take-off, the crew go through some safety warnings and one of them is: Put the oxygen mask on yourself first, then you can help others. Because, if you’re not breathing anymore, you’re not going to be all that helpful!

Does it make sense?

Here is a 2 minutes video from Prince Ea that explain why sometimes we need to be selfish.

That is the same in our life. We need to think of ourselves first so we are in the conditions for helping others.

So why don’t we love ourselves?

We tend to treat ourselves in the same way we have been treated during our childhood, by our parents, by our teachers and all the important people that basically influence our growing up.

In many cases, it is the same way we are treated now by the people around us unless we have already made some changes.

The reasons why we don’t love ourselves can be various, we don’t like ourselves physically, we are too short, too fat, too skinny and so on, it might even be we don’t like the way we are as a person.

It might be that we are angry with ourselves for something we have done in the past and now we regret it or for something we would have wanted to do but we didn’t do it because we were too scared or for whatever other reasons.

If we want to be happy, we need to forgive ourselves, that is part of loving ourselves.

It could be that we don’t think we are good enough and we believe that is a reason for not loving ourselves, we don’t deserve to be loved.  This is one of the reasons why I wasn’t loving myself. During my childhood, I went through a lot of mental abuse from my mother, while my father was more on a physical side, he used to beat me up a lot.

I was told many times starting at a very early age, that I didn’t belong to the family, someone must have swapped me in the cot when I was in the maternity unit, basically, I wasn’t good enough for them. I grew up with that false belief, thinking I wasn’t good enough and we tend to not love things that are not good enough.

That was one of my reasons for not loving myself?

What is yours? What is stopping you from loving yourself and be happy?

Whatever is your reason, the good thing is that we can change how we behave, we can change our beliefs, we can change if we really want. It might take some time, but if we really want, we can change. Our brain is like our mobile phone, we can install new apps and delete the apps that we don’t want anymore.

This might sound a bit weird, but that’s how it is.

Isn’t weird being able to do all the things we can do on the internet now? Twenty years ago we wouldn’t probably have thought it was possible. Most of us don’t know how the internet works, including me, but we use it every day and we get benefits from that. We don’t question why or how it works, we just connect to the internet and that’s it.

Now, as I have mentioned many times, whatever happened in our past, we are still in charge of our happiness, happiness comes from within, but to be in charge we need to take action.

Rob Dial

So, do you love yourself?

If your answer is Yes, that’s great, congratulations and keep it up!

If your answer is No, well, you have a choice, carry on like that or, if you want to make a change in your life for the better you could learn how to love yourself.

If you are curious and you want to know more, then, carry on reading.

I personally took the course, and I can honestly say that it can bring a lot of benefits in anyone life. If I didn’t think it would help, I certainly wouldn’t recommend it.

Now positive affirmations and work mirror are part of my daily life.

We all have to start somewhere and once we start to love ourselves, we will notice a positive shift in our mindset, a positive shift in our attitudes and in our life.

Here is the course.

Loving Yourself, Online Video Course

The following video is giving you a brief inside of the course.

How is the Loving Yourself course structured?

The Loving Yourself online course lasts 21 days and each day you will receive:

  • A Video
  • A Mirror work exercise
  • A Heart Thought
  • A Meditation

The time that it will take you every day is around 15/20 mins. Obviously, the more time you dedicate to it, the more benefits you will get.

What You Will Learn

Each day for 21 days, you’ll learn how to

  • Live the life that reflects the truth of who you really are
  • Achieve self-knowledge and self-acceptance
  • Gain confidence to listen to and follow your inner guidance
  • Realize that self-love makes it so much easier for others to love you

Would you like to know more about how we can love ourselves? Just click below on the picture.

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