Learning How To Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself With Easy Steps

Feeling sorry for yourself is absolutely detrimental to your health. There’s nothing good that can come from this, and over time, it can absolutely force you to have physical manifestations.

People have chronic illnesses develop over time because of the external forces that seem to pile on the mind. If you ignore the issue and try to mask it, you’re going to find that it can definitely cause you to lose everything and possibly everyone around you. This is absolutely not a good place to be in regards to your life. Trying to avoid this is going to be the crucial thing that you should consider, but if you can’t seem to shake it, don’t panic.

There are ways to combat the notion of feeling sorry for yourself.

The following steps are made simple so that you can fight and get well because this is not going to be a good thing to dwell within. This is a negative element that has physical issues as much as they are mental.

You’re Never Alone

First and foremost, you need to remind yourself that you’re never truly alone. This is not because of some sort of spiritual element, although many people believe that. Instead, focus on the reality that you are literally not alone in this world. There are millions of people, and many of them are going through the same thing’s exactly that you are. You may have been given a bad hand, or perhaps you’ve hit a roadblock, but that’s not the end of your life, nor is it the end of what could be a new beginning. You can fight on, and no matter what storms hit you, you are never truly alone, there’s always someone that is going through what you are.

Walk on through the wind
Walk on through the rain
Though your dreams be tossed and blown

Walk on walk on with HOPE in your heart
And you’ll never walk alone

Richard Rodgers, Oscar Mammerstein II

Believe in Yourself

Recognize and acknowledge your own worth and believe you can create your own life.

Ask Yourself what can you learn from the situation.

Normally when we feel sorry for ourselves, it’s because we are not happy about the situation we are in.


Sometimes things that hurt you

Forget What Others May Have

It’s easy to look at your situation and long for something different. This becomes even more difficult when you look to see what others have, and envy them. You cannot do this. Yes, many people do, but if you look at the consequences of this, you’re going to find that it leads to disappointment. Don’t let yourself fall into the notion that others have it better, so you must have what they have. Focusing on what others have will only make you forget to look at what you have. You may have something grand, but if you are not grateful for what’s in your path, you may find that you’ll lose it. Once lost, it’s hard to regain things.

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Write Down What You Are Grateful For

One of the best things that you can do every morning is to write down what you are grateful for.

That’s right, writing down what you are grateful for will help you to understand what you have. When you are grateful, even for a few things a day, you’re going to find that happiness starts to creep in. That will take the place of feeling pity, and loathing. Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for change, and redemption. You’re going to be delighted by what occurs when you chase this in appropriate manners. Give yourself a few days or weeks of doing this, and you’ll never go back to feeling sad about your lot in life, that’s for sure.

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Find A Way To Move

Exercise is great, but this is not a call to join a gym. Instead, focus on something that is going to allow you to have some fun. Seriously, what is it that you like to do for fun? For some, the best feeling in the world is hitting a baseball, or perhaps it’s playing soccer in the park. Whatever it is that you love to do, find a way to introduce more of that into your life. If you don’t know what to do, easy, find a bicycle and ride it. Or perhaps learn how to dance, just do something new and move around. Active lifestyle changes will absolutely benefit your body, and mind. People that work out, can thwart the feelings of sadness at least for the time they are working out, and that builds over time. Just start moving around, and you’ll find that you can see new hope blossom in your life.

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Volunteer To Help The Less Fortunate

Volunteer at a local charity. Or perhaps visit a retirement home and just talk to people. You will find that your mood will improve, and you’ll be happier for doing so. Volunteering allows you to give back to the community and lift the weight of sadness from your shoulders. Even if it’s a couple of times a month, you are going to find that there are others in this world that appreciate just a helping hand. Some people just want someone to talk to, and others need a friend, a meal, and a presence. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to show some love to people by just volunteering. You’re going to find that this will manifest amazing results.

"We rise by lifting others."

Practice Meditation

There are several ways that you can pursue this. Meditation can help you increase your circulation, decrease anxiety, depression and much more. Practicing meditative arts can absolutely change your worldview, and give you a fighting chance against feeling sorry for yourself. Finding a way to do this will vastly improve your well-being, give you a better breathing pattern, improve your cognitive reflexes, and will elevate your daily life. You don’t have to adhere to “one” type either, you can pursue this in any way you’d like. There are great benefits to practicing meditative arts, that’s for sure.

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The one thing to remember about all of this is simple, keep learning. The more that you learn, and the more you invest in your own life, the better the results are going to become. Feeling sorry for yourself is not fun, and will only plague your mind. Instead, focus on the aforementioned and cast it aside in favor of better things. You can’t lose if you pursue these elements, as they will manifest happiness in time. Just keep pressing forward.

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