How Your Home Decor Influences Your Happiness

Our homes are our oasis’ from the outside world.

The way your space is decorated and set up is going to have a huge impact on your mood, happiness, and overall well being.

Coming home every day should be looked at as exciting and comforting, but if you have a home that is not optimized for a better you, this can be difficult.

There are several tips you can use to decorate, helping to make your home as joyful as the rest of your life.

Even simple changes to the ordinary home life you’ve created will provide upgrades to your space.

How to make your home a happier place

Natural Lighting can Boost your Happiness

In a home, incorporating as much natural lighting as possible is extremely beneficial to boosting your home happiness.

Many Americans have a vitamin D deficiency due to a lack of light exposure from the sun, which can lead to health issues.

This absence of natural light has been linked to depression and weight gain, and other serious health risks.

Humans inherently spend most of their time indoors but making it a priority to get proper sun exposure weekly is important in maintaining good homeostasis.

Natural lighting has been proven to increase concentration and focus, creating more productivity and alertness.

Getting adequate light exposure has also been correlated with getting a more restful night’s sleep, which in turn will make you happier.

How Your Home Decor Influences Your Happiness

If you have furniture that is blocking windows, rearrange your space to secure ample light.

Mirrors, if placed correctly, will make a room much brighter with little effort at all.

Hanging a mirror adjacent to a window, or across from it, will reflect the light and make space seem bigger than it actually is.

Dark colors also absorb light, so when you’re decorating your home use paint colors that are lighter to enhance the sunlight drawn into the room.

Ensuring that your windows are properly cleaned regularly will allow more light to enter a space.

Put Art Everywhere. Art has a strong Impact on our Brains.

When we look at art, our mind is being stimulated, breaking down and interpreting what is in front of us.

Research has shown that looking at beautiful artwork triggers a surge of dopamine to the brain, resulting in feelings of intense joy and affection.

When we view images, we go through a process known as embodied cognition, which is where we place ourselves within the piece and are able to feel the quality of a painting, photograph, etc.

This further allows ourselves to relate to the artwork, making us happier overall.

A study from the University of Arkansas found that those who viewed art displayed improved critical thinking skills, as well as an increase in empathy.

Art and Happiness

Incorporating art into the home will help sustain a more vibrant space for you and your loved ones.

Create a meaningful gallery wall full of artwork and photographs that makes you feel content in your home, as well as provide ample visual aesthetics in your space.

Whether you go out and buy artwork or make your own to hang up, encapsulating them within custom photo frames, will tie all of the pieces together to create a polished, cohesive look.

Your gallery wall should be an extension of your personal style and taste, that way visitors will get a sense of who you are.

Elemental Decor is Good for our Well Being

There is extensive material backing up the idea that mother nature has loads of benefits for our well being.

Being in nature aids in centering and grounding us, helping to lower the risk of depression.

In today’s tech-heavy world, the constant internet usage and information thrown at us is immense.

Studies have shown that taking a step away from our phones, computers, and televisions to be in nature has the power to refresh us.

The outdoors can help reset the brain and boost our mental health, it’s important to incorporate that same feeling into our homes.

Elementar Decor and Happiness

Recently, designers have been creating spaces with biophilic design, which is decorating with natural materials to further mindfulness in the home.

Replicating the outdoors in and around your home will help recreate the feeling of being outside and the benefits it ensures.

Even simply adding colors and textures that resemble nature will assist in sustaining wellbeing by our brains automatically correlating the elements with nature.

Wooden tables and chairs versus man-made materials can change the concept of a home, creating a more authentic area as well.

Consider investing in some plants for your home to bring the outside in while adding a bright pop of color.

Plants help purify and absorb toxins in the air, improving the quality of a room overall.

Symmetrical Arranging. Our Brains Love Symmetry in Design

Humans inherently find comfort in symmetry.

The brain creates habits and patterns to be able to use less energy and run on autopilot, and viewing a symmetrical object or placement is the quickest way for our mind to register what it’s looking at.

It portrays a sense of familiarity and it’s a simple pleasure that humans enjoy.

When utilized in interior design, it presents an extremely aesthetically pleasing scheme.

Symmetrical Arranging and happiness

Of the seven design elements, balance is one that is very important when establishing a room.

Through pattern, home decor, and furniture placement, the idea of symmetry helps provide a sense of stability and calmness to your space.

If you feel that your room is uneven with the furniture layout, see where you can create more harmony with moving couches, chairs, and coffee tables.

Playing around with different design ideas that are the most visually appealing and cohesive to you will bring contentment and balance to your home.

Maintaining a happy home is important.

The way you craft your space sets the overall mood for you and your family, so making sure that it’s decorated in a way that makes everyone happy can lead to many positive benefits.

Your home is a reflection of you, so make sure that your own quirks and interests are at the forefront.

Surrounding yourself with things that you enjoy is the best way to establish comfort in your pad!

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