How To Be Contented With Life No Matter What Happens-A Must Read

Work for your dreams but stay contented with what you possess!

Life can be uncertain at times.

What we think may never always come true but there are a lot of ways where we can make everything possible as per our wishes.

Yes, with contentment. We fall and we get up again.

That’s how life works. Those who do not work for their goals, they never get to achieve anything.

Life might seem demanding sometimes but if it’s for your dreams, it is worth it.

Some people get what they want in a blink of an eye while some have to work on it.

There may be a lot of reasons behind it.

You can either call it luck or the presence of needed resources.

If someone has the resources to bring his or her dreams into existence, you can also make it happen.

It might seem impossible but is really not. A man can do anything if he aims to do it.

If you can dream of a thing, you can surely bring it into reality as well. It is not as difficult as it may appear to a lot of people.

If you work for what you love and stay content with it, you can be able to do anything.

All you need is to contend with your life goals.

For instance, if you are into a girl and want to spend all your life with her, you got to do the effort to send love quotes to her or getting her precious gifts. It’s all about your contentment.

We all learn with our experiences. We all are torn in one way or the other but that shouldn’t stop anyone from working for our dreams.

What’s even more important than that is being happy with what you have.

The struggle to have more can ever stop if you do not stop it on your own hands.

That’s how most of the people in the world do. They never stop craving for the things. They always want more and more.

They do not think about what they need but do damage their lives with their wants.

How are your needs and wants different from one another?

When you stop relying on what you need but always think about what you want, you start getting disturbed.

This never stops.


Because you do not work on it.

If you yourself will not put a full stop to your own thoughts, you would never be able to live your life peacefully.

Your inner peace matters!

The first and the foremost thing that you should keep in mind is that what you want more steals the inner peace from you.

It never lets you be happy or stay contented with what you have.

That’s where you lose all your happiness because you keep running for something you don’t even need.

Have you ever observed yourself while shopping for a certain thing in the market? Have you seen yourself buying unnecessary stuff just because you want it? Have you seen yourself that way?

Well, you must have.


Because your inner self won’t let you avoid your wants.

You would never be able to get rid of it until or unless you aim to stay content as much as you can.

Role of social media on destroying the inner contentment

People staring at smartphones

Social media is full of beautiful stuff where you get to see a bunch of admirable things. You see beautiful dresses, makeup and so much more.

It even snips the sleep of some people because they think they can never get it, that’s where you are wrong.

If someone has something, it was meant to be for them.

If you will start getting envious for it and will do anything to have it, you are doing wrong to your own self.

As far as the ambitions are concerned, you should work to achieve them because there is nothing wrong in it but when the extravagance gets associated with it, it does no good to anyone.

Women and men, these days spend a lot of money on their clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and what not just so that the people may think good of them and praise them on the social media platform.

That’s what does most of the harm. We stop thinking about our pocket and start spending money unnecessarily just for the approval of others.

To look pleasing and presentable is not at all bad but when it’s just to seek likes and comments, you destroy your own self.

Staying content with what you have might seem a little difficult these days but if you aim for it, you can also live life as peaceful as anything.

What should you do?

young people in a hug chain

If you see someone wearing a beautiful dress on social media, rather than getting jealous, you should praise them and think good of them.

Not only it will light a bulb of happiness in your heart but also you will start feeling contented about your life.

There are a hundred chances that you have a better life than others which you might be damaging just because you are so busy getting jealous of others.

Life is too short and we must make the best out of it.

Live a happy and contented life.

If you think it is impossible, try taking small steps.

You never stop learning and that’s how you achieve the best version of yourself.

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