Happy Hiking & Walking Weight Loss: 5 Trekking Health Benefits

Happy Hicking

Meta: You’ve been walking all your life, but have you considered walking as a fitness program to lose weight?

Have you found all the other benefits associated with hiking?

Well, if you haven’t, this article is for you and should change your perspective on walking.

It’s a pity seeing how mainstream media has switched the minds of the general public into thinking that they are a lost cause. With the prevalence of obesity, overweight challenges, and other food-related problems, the only adverts you see even on social media are those claiming that you MUST start a workout program. Or you can try out this or that diet pill, or also purchase this and that product to keep your tummy line intact!

Rarely will these ravenous marketers ever-present your natural habits that will be not only beneficial to your physical well-being but also emotional and spiritual! Rarely will you hear ‘big brother’ advise you to take a walk if you want to lose weight!

Trekking and hiking are nothing new – it was present ever since man received legs during creation. The Greeks in ancient times embraced walking as compared to other forms of transportation (the Ferrari wasn’t present though), such as donkeys and the horses.

They played active games as described in the book of Ra Gratis. As a matter of fact, taking walks was considered therapeutic up until the computer age and the mobile phone was introduced making trekking a burden to the core!

Now, even walking a kilometer away to your store is considered barbaric and uncivilized and the average citizen would rather sit and wait for doorstep delivery. The following health benefits of hiking should be taken into consideration next time you are looking for a ‘doable exercise.’

1. Stay Fitter Than Fit

Of the recommended 150 minutes of weekly exercise, studies show that a daily walk of up to 10,000 steps yielded superfluous benefits. The BMI of those who regularly practiced this was found to lower and also had smaller waists as compared to those who usually went to the gym, played football, rugby or basketball. Reaching this step-count is, however, quite a hassle, and you’ll probably need a tracker to assess your development as you enjoy your hike in the countryside. You’ll be surprised at just how strong your muscles will end up becoming from those regular hikes.

2. Your Happiness Matters

There was once a big-time player who made the most significant loss of his lifetime. He went into a state of shock and unknowingly started walking. He walked for 360 kilometers, a distance of roughly 224 miles nonstop, and afterward, he was the happiest man on the planet. His wife testified of the miraculous change in his life and how he immediately stopped his gambling habits. He then started happy hiking with his wife, and the kids would occasionally join in.

Whether you’re taking short hikes or have decided to travel on a longer route, walking will generally reduce the stress levels as you burn those extra calories. It can hardly be said for any other exercise form – so, it’s a win-win for you.

3. Reconnect to What Matters

The Indians have this saying, ‘A traveled man is wiser than an educated man!’ It is so true as it is only through getting out of your comfort zone that you will be able to see what’s happening around you. While at it, this will give you a perfect opportunity to reconnect with people, which will reflect in the form of happiness eventually.

As if that were not enough, following one’s nose while taking a hike enables you to reconnect with the environment around you. It helps to once in a while remember the smell of air and the beautiful chirping of birds; it helps to enjoy the marvelous sceneries while all along embracing the scent of the flowers and glowing green leaves and grass. When you start noticing the tit-bits in creation, only then will the therapeutic knowledge and essence of the Creator become real!

happy hiking

4. Address Serious Conditions

An occasional good hike will not only help you reverse certain disorders but will also help you prevent others. Heart diseases which are becoming the norm of the day will be nowhere close in your health vocabulary. Since the blood sugar levels go down during both long and short hikes, the diagnosed diabetes will start to dissipate and even reverse the effects. Not only will your heart be in perfect condition, but you will rarely have to worry about blood pressure. Out of 250 interviewed aged persons, over 80 claimed to have embraced walking even after buses and motor vehicles became prevalent. It’s up to you to play right with the ball in your court.

5. Zero Recommendations or Direction

Almost all other weight-loss programs require you to consult your physician to get approval. It is to prevent interference with any current medication or to mess up with your BMI. Brisk walking and taking hikes enables you to take back full ownership of your workout program. You then get to decide whether you want to do it slowly or if you have upgraded to fast walking. You also decide on the best terrain to join the list of healthy hikers. In other words, walking and hiking give you the power to do what you want to, how you want to, when you want to, and where you desire to! The only tool you need is wearable to keep track of your physical activity and track your daily progress. What more could you ask for?

Grab It While You Can

They say opportunity comes once – the fairy lady luck who only knocks once! It’s quite sad and unfortunate to see people born lame or crippled due to illnesses or accidents. Start by understanding and realizing that your legs won’t be as strong as they are right now. Age will kick in and you will only be able to cover only some meters ahead of you – when going to pee of course and heading back to bed. Therefore, when you still have the chance and strength to, grab your hiking backpack and get to enjoy the wilderness! Don’t expect to enjoy it all at once – with endurance as you upscale your routine. You’ll start taking note of things you never would in a million years! Is hiking and walking for you?

Author Bio:

Thomas Glare is a fitness coach by profession. Not only has he come up with his workout routine, but he has also introduced natural fitness tips that have worked for him and his clients over the years. Thomas started blogging to share the fitness experience with anyone who would care to lend an ear.

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