Forget your troubles and dance by Bob Marley

Forget your Troubles and Dance!

Forget your Troubles and Dance! Forget your Sorrows and Dance! Forget your Sickness and Dance! Forget your Weakness and Dance! – Bob Marley

From the song: “Them Belly Full (But We Hungry)”

I am not really a Bob Marley fan, but I like few of his songs, I used to listen to them when I was a teenager and now, if it happens, I enjoy his melody.

This morning, I came across this song which I didn’t know and I really liked the part of the lyric I have posted.

I personally agree with that. Sometimes it’s good just to dance, forget any troubles and just concentrating on our dancing, on our body movements, on the music.

I would say it is a kind of mindfulness meditation and can definitely help us to improve our state of mind, our mood, our day.

But why dancing can be good?

Living in a mindful way and practicing a daily meditation can help us to live in the present, feel alive and happy.

Not familiar with mindfulness and meditation?

The basic concept is really simple: is the art of focusing our attention on a single point which helps us to live the present, the only moment we are alive.

If you would like to know more, here are you few post I have written about it:

Next time you hear some music you like, just drop everything you are doing and dance! I did and I have enjoyed it, and sometimes I still do it and you might enjoy too.

You might also use it as a tool when you are not feeling great, to snap out from a bad state of mind.

Here is another post with few suggestions on: How to replace our negative thoughts with positive thoughts

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