How to deal with negative emotions.

If we want to live a happy life the first step is to empty ourselves from all negativities.

Here are all my posts on how to deal with negative emotions.

One of the things we need to overcome, if we want to live a happy life, is fear. If fear is constantly part of our daily life, it will prevent us from being happy, so we need to do something about it.  Nelson Mandela once said, “The brave man is not he who does not feel [...]

Quick links about Procrastination: What is Procrastination? Why do We Procrastinate? The Consequences of Procrastinating What Can We Do to Stop Procrastinating? Benefits of Stopping Procrastination and Getting Things Done. Why stopping procrastination can make us feel happier? What is Procrastination? The word procrastination comes from the Latin words pro (for) and cras (tomorrow) and [...]

Anger is an emotion that usually brings out the worst in everyone and constantly gets people into trouble and more often than not, an outburst of anger causes the individual to do and say things that are rather unpleasant. Our life and the lives of those around us will be much better if we learn how [...]