How To Be Happy Tips

Procrastination? No, thank you! Today I am going to put procrastination off until tomorrow… Procrastination can be an enormous problem. In our modern world, when we all have so many things to do every day, it is increasingly important to know how to manage our time. After writing the previous post about procrastination, I decided [...]

Quick links about Procrastination: What is Procrastination? Why do We Procrastinate? The Consequences of Procrastinating What Can We Do to Stop Procrastinating? Benefits of Stopping Procrastination and Getting Things Done. Why stopping procrastination can make us feel happier? What is Procrastination? The word procrastination comes from the Latin words pro (for) and cras (tomorrow) and [...]

In our daily lives, we often face complexity, difficulties, pressure and other forms of stress. We are so busy and in a hurry doing things, anticipate the next problem or another great thing to happen, that we forget the beauty of the present moment which is unfolding in front of our eyes. Mindfulness can help us to slow [...]

No matter what good things happen in our life, if we don’t have the attitude of gratitude, we will never be completely happy, in fact as I have been talking in another post, I fully believe that Gratitude is the key to Happiness. Learning to be grateful for the things we have, rather than continuously [...]

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