BeingHappy the new Free app that gives you a HappyScore

BeingHappy is the new Free app that Measures your Happiness and gives you … a HappyScore.

The free app, that can be found on iTunes, has been created by Ritu Raj, a Serial Entrepreneur that I have discovered on

What does the BeingHappy app do?

1 Measure Your Happiness.

You can simply choose at least three emotions that you are feeling at the moment, see the emoticons in the picture below.

Happiness emoticons

and then the app will issue your Happiness Score.

The more you feel good, the higher the score is. You feel Pleased, Cool and Excited, then your happyscore is 9.1 as it shown in the picture below.

Happiness score

Feeling angry, irritated and scared?

In that case obviously you will get a lower score…

Whatever the score is going to be for you, the next step in the app is an inspiring Happiness quote to lift your spirit or make you think.

Negative emotcons

What else can you do with this app?

2 You can Share your Happiness with your close family and friends:

You can create your “happycircle”, see the picture below, where you can add your friends.

HappyBeing Circle3 You can track your Happiness.

You can track your Happiness and happy days, day by day.

4 Happyweather

You can correlate the  happy score with the weather.

5 Want to know your future trend?

You have to give simply 60 samples of your happyscore on consecutive days and they will calculate it for you.

For not missing any day, you can set a daily reminder:

Happy reminder

“What you can not measure you can not manage”

My personal review:

I think that this free BeingHappy app can definitely help us to feel happier.

But how and why?

I believe that setting a daily reminder and dedicating a moment to stop and think about our daily emotions help us to bring awareness to our Emotions and to be in charge of ourselves. It’s a time for ourselves, that if we want we can also share it with people close to us, where we can ask ourselves how we really feel.

We can remind ourselves that Happiness is a state of mind created by positive emotions so if we feel some negative emotions, we can decide to do something about it, to improve our happiness.

It’s perfectly normal to have negative emotions some times, we just need not to dwell on these emotions. But how?

Well, all our emotions start with a thought. A negative thought create a negative emotion and consequently a positive thought create a positive emotion.  So all we need to do is, as I have talked in this previous post, replace our negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

Life is full of habits and as I always say we can make happiness one of them and repeating the same thing day after day we create a habit, both good or bad.

At the end of the day, it’s up to us, Happiness is a Choice!

Would you like to download the BeingHappy app? Here is the link BeingHappy

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