Be selective with your battle

Be selective with your battles

Be Selective with your Battles. Sometimes PEACE is Better than being Right.

Before you start a battle, ask yourself few questions:

  • is it so important that I prove to be right?

Proving to be right means that you are proving that the other person is wrong and remember no one like that.

  • can I just leave it for now and maybe go back another time to talk about that?
  • what could be the consequences of my battle?
  • are they worth it?

Most of the times you will realize that is not worth having that battle and peace is more precious.

Remember doing things for principle could cause a lot of problems.

Happy Life is just a string of happy and positive moments, the more happy moments we live, the happier our life is.

If we spend a lot of time fighting various battles, it would be very difficult to live a happy life.

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