Life has become very busy. We feel as if we are constantly running around, anxious about everything that must still be done, and stressed about the future. It is really easy to lose yourself between work, children, family events, rushing around, and being on time. When it gets too much, you often start to feel [...]

Enjoying good quality sleep is crucial to happiness and wellbeing, according to recently published research by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. A recent study called SNAPSHOT, funded by the NIH and undertaken at a women’s hospital and the MIT Media Lab Affecting Computing Group, found that keeping a regular sleep pattern can be an [...]

What is Grounding or Earthing? What are the Medical people saying about Grounding? Grounding/Earthing studies The Benefits of Grounding What can we do to get grounded? Videos about Grounding In this post, I am going to talk about the science of Grounding, which is something I discovered a while ago and I thought it was interesting [...]

The importance of Loving Ourselves Course Description What You Will Learn In this post, I am going to introduce and recommend a beautiful course, created by Louise Hay and Robert Holden: Loving Yourself. But, before talking about the course itself, I would like to empathize and explain why it is so important to love ourselves. [...]

When it comes to the immune system, many people assume that it’s all biological. While that may seem to be true, it’s not 100% accurate. What you have to realize is that you can actually boost your Immune System through happiness. That’s right, sometimes the body reacts to the stimulus that is outside of the [...]

One of the first things, we need to do, if we want to be happy, is to realize that happiness is a choice. Nothing can make us happy if we don’t choose to be Happy In one of my initial posts, I have explained my reasons why I believe Happiness is a choice, here is [...]

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