5 questions you need to ask yourself right now

questionsTime is ruthless.

I realized it when I entered my twenties. So early.

Maybe, the reason was that I found my first gray hair that year.

Maybe, I just felt it. Smelled it. Waked.

No matter.

Time literary disappears. That matters.

I am writing it, you will read it and tomorrow we will keep spending time in social networks, looking for an interesting film to watch in the evening and waiting for weekend, holiday, vacation.

Time escapes, we are waiting.

What is going on with us?

When I was a teenager, my dad kept telling me “You need to have patience and put up with a lot of things in the life, that is how it works. ” And I was all like “No way! I will always do only what I want!”

Guess what? I don’t.

And now I want so much to write that it is kind of a complex. Something like “Parents need to be right”. It is a program. I couldn’t do anything to fix it.

But it will be lying. I can change my life. Everyone can change the own life.

So, let’s do it.

Let’s find the answers.

1. What do you choose?

In the childhood, we always chose what we wanted the most. We didn’t think what others thought, said or advised. We just made our choice.
Getting older, we lost enthusiasm, learned how to settle for less, became lazy, and after all accepted the template life.
Some of us never tried to fight for the life they wanted. We stopped wondering “Have I chosen it?” whereas it is the most obvious and simple question, which you need to ask yourself.
Changes are inescapable. They happen, either you did make them happen, or you didn’t.
What do you choose?
You are the only one who is responsible for your life.

2. What if it disappears?

Your sunny mornings, when you don’t want to open your eyes, and wrap into a blanket catching last minutes before waking up.
Your everyday mom’s calls when she just wants to ask how was your day while you are in the middle of an important meeting or driving a car.
Those days when everything is going on just excellent! You feel you could move heaven and Earth.
And those when nothing works out, and you are ready to give up and admit you are a loser.
Your friend smiles, delicious coffee in the cozy cafeteria, sounds of the rain…
Some things are annoying, others are amazing.
But the common thing is that we are used to taking all of them for granted, like the most ordinary things that could happen in someone’s life.
But what if it disappears? What will fill our lives up?
Learn to appreciate every single moment you have in your life. It is unique. And life without it would be vapid.

3. Who are you?

Remember, how being kids we told each other what we would be in the future.
Truck drivers, veterinaries, cosmonauts, actors.
We imagined our lives bright and exceptional. We dreamed. Made plans. Some of us saw ourselves sitting in the huge cabinets, others prefigured themselves walking on the red carpet, or saving lives.
Did you become the main character of your story? Or are you supporting actor?
Today is the day. Stop dreaming and become a lead in your play.

4. Why don’t you try?

Time can’t stop, but you can. Stop, turn around and ask yourself “Why don’t I try?”
There always will be a lack of money, deficiency of energy and a bunch of routine tasks.
There always will be people saying “It is too late”, “You couldn’t make it”, “It is unreasonable”.
Nothing matters.
Barriers are in your head. Ruin them. Find a courage to try.
It is something that will save you from regrets.

5. Are you honest with yourself?

Your answers make no sense unless they are true.
Try to refresh in mind what you wanted before public opinion intervened.
Sometimes, the society influence is so strong, we even don’t know what we really want; what we really care about. The everyday life changes us; makes us change to fit in.
But hey, I have good news: they are still in our hearts, the dreams, goals, ideas, waiting for us to find them and bring to life.
You are the only person you can be completely honest with! So why aren’t you?

It is never late to take the other path.
Catch your chance to be happy.
Life is too short to drift.
Sail! It feels good. You’ll see.

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Kate Maurice

Kate Maurice is a freelance copywriter, the creator of online project http://college-writers.com/, who is interested in educational problems in modern society and self-improvement techniques. Kate is a typical introvert. You probably find her in a cozy coffee house reading a book or watching people passing by outside.

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  • loved the part on who are you, and trying…was only recently I began developing an urgent need to better represent myself, and of course, that also means putting the effort into my creative persuits.

    Done over time, this creates discipline, which allows dreams to slowly manfest.
    Thanks for the post

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