10 Easy Morning Exercises to Make You Feel Awesome All Day

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Beginning your morning routine with the right activity can help you feel great about yourself for the rest of the day.

There are even studies that prove this claim wherein doing some exercise first thing in the morning before going to work or school can boost one’s mood helping to promote a positive outlook all day long. On that note, we decided to compile 10 of the best easy morning exercises that you can do to help you start your day with good energy and a healthy mind and body.

Benefits of Morning Exercises

There are a lot of reasons why doing some exercises, even if it is done any time of the day, can help promote a healthier and more energetic body that can withstand a tiring day at work or at school. As a matter of fact, one of the greatest mood boosters is doing some sweaty early morning exercises which also improves the health of your heart.

There are certain exercises that you can freely do once you jumped out of bed which doesn’t require any equipment. These are simple yet satisfying exercises that you can add to your morning routine to prepare yourself for a better day and a more positive future. Mostly, these exercises involve cardio, resistance training, and yoga aspects that provides different difficulties and target areas that you can mix and match depending on your preference.

The 10 Morning Exercises for a Better You

This list of exercises contains easy movements that you can do without feeling totally tired but rather feeling more energized to face the challenges of the day.


  • The easiest thing that you can do that doesn’t require extensive knowledge of exercising is walking. Walking is a form of cardio exercise that strengthens and improves your heart’s function which in return boosts your mood for the whole day’s worth. It is also a well-recommended exercise for people who are just starting off to do some regular exercises. You might also like to read: Walking Meditation.

Jumping Jacks

Here’s another classic exercise that has been introduced to us even when we are kids. It is a powerful workout that helps improve the cardiovascular system and also helps out tone the deltoid region and calves. For starters, you can do jumping jacks for about one minute and slowly increasing the time depending on your capacity and preference where you feel much more comfortable at.


If you want to build up the strength and power of your chest region then push-ups are your best option to do. It helps in strengthening a wide array of muscle regions in your body that later on help you carry on tasks that require strength with ease compared before where you feel a little bit weak on the knees and arms.


Another exercise that helps strengthen your body is the lunges. Lunges help in providing well-toned gluteal muscles, hamstrings, and quadriceps. You can start with around an 8 to 12 reps in one set and make sure to allow at least one day of rest for this kind of exercise. Remember not to do this exercise daily rather do it in alternating days.


If you want a fun and very relaxing exercise to jump-start your day then you can venture on doing some yoga poses.

Yoga helps improve your posture, calms your mind, and prepares you for a tough day ahead. Suggested yoga poses include staff pose, bridge pose, child’s pose, and downward facing dog.

You can always go through videos that show how to properly do these poses on the internet. Go through these videos and welcome a healthier, stronger, and more accomplished you.


This kind of morning exercise targets the hips, knees, and legs and helps you gain more stability and balance that you need in most of your daily routines.

For beginners, you can start off with 2 sets of 15 reps and make sure that your hands are in front and you make a 90° angle with your legs. If you want a more challenging approach then you can go lower than the usual position.


The plank can be one of the most effective exercises that you can do since it targets almost all of the regions of your body especially your abdominal area. Don’t forget to place your arms and feet in the right position while maintaining a straight body which is the right way to do it. You can start off with just a minute and increase the duration as days go by.

You can also modify this exercise depending on your preference. There are variations including side planks and front planks that do more good to your body especially if you are already used to these kinds of exercises.

Single Leg Stand

The single leg stand helps you improve your balance and is one of the easiest exercises that you can do at home.

As the name of the exercise suggests, you must stand on one of your feet and raise the other one making sure that it doesn’t reach the ground. You can actually do this exercise while preparing breakfast, brushing your teeth, watching TV, and a lot more which makes it one of the most suitable exercises that can be done in the morning.

Bicycle Crunches

The bicycle crunches are a variation of the usual crunches where you work on your abdominal area.

You begin this exercise by lying down on your back on a soft floor and lifting your upper body while moving your legs as if you were riding a bicycle and reaching your knees with your elbows along the way.

You can do 15 to 20 reps per set and do as much as you can but don’t overdo it or you’ll get a sore body more than an energized one.

Abductor Side Lifts

The abductor side lifts is another easy exercise that you can do even while still lying down on your bed.

This exercise helps improve your leg power which is essential for your daily runs in the market, stores, to school, or to work.

All you have to do is to lie on your sides, put your hands on your free hips then lift your legs on a certain angle.

Make it a Habit

Always remember that once you’ve started to do some of these exercises make sure that you practice it on a daily basis.

It is important to maintain such rapport so that you won’t lose the drive that you need to go further through the day.

It may seem to be some simple exercises but it can help you go along way to making it a habit to do morning exercises can help improve your performance and your outlook throughout the day.

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