LOVE is a Frequency, Tune in now with a yoga mantra

Last week I posted an article about Yoga and How Yoga Can Change our Life and boost our Happiness, today I am going to propose a post written by Yogi Brostar Philip Hilton on a powerful yoga mantra about Love.

I met Philip on HowToBeHappy Twitter account. he sent me a tweet which I retweeted and shared it with my followers.

You can see the tweet here on the picture below:

HowToBeHappy on Twitter

I then asked him if he would like to write something to be published here, and here is his post:

“I have been a yogi for many years and find yoga as the single most powerful Spiritual practice that leads to true bliss and inner happiness.

Yoga is more than an exercise, it is pure magic.

Yoga manifests powerful pranic energies that are magical in the belief they can alter reality for the better.

Meditation and also prayer are based  on this idea, that these pranic energies not only bring self-belief and self-change but can and will alter reality.

Buddhist meditation is another powerful concept that a collective consciousness will bring peace and manifest changes in reality.

If we can do this collectively then we can make these changes by ourselves…..

I invite you to join the new yogic Revolution that is happening, our consciousness is evolving.

We are Gods and Goddesses, JESUS said you are Gods.

Do you know how powerful a statement that is?

Do you know how much power you potentially have?

Unlock your powerful “I AM” that is within, the God-force energy we all possess.

Yoga is the process to do this……….

Try using the mantra word, love.


Because the word love gives off the emotional response of 1.618, the Golden ratio, scientists reveal.

And this coincidently links to the golden mean.Golden ratio 1.618 which has been plucked from the famous Fibonacci sequences, it’s something Leonardo da VINCI encoded within all of his paintings.

Golden ratio 1.618 which has been plucked from the famous Fibonacci sequence. is something Leonardo da VINCI encoded within all of his paintings.

1.618 is present within all of nature from the spiral of a galaxy to the spiral of a seashell to the secret measurements of the human body.

Creation was designed with the golden mean 1.618 designed with love.

Love is a frequency, tune in now.

Right with this in mind, try using the word love as a mantra during yoga.

Get into first yoga position then breath in, say, love, 3 times, then stretch into position, then say Love 3 times again in your mind, then stretch back and breath out, do this throughout full yoga Routine.

If you are doing more than one stretch in one go just say, love, three times between each yoga stretch simple ok….

Enjoy this new mantra experience, believe your mantra word Love can alter reality, it is magic and brings true inner peace and stability,

Welcome to utopia time, this is a new day for you.

I hope this helps those who love yoga and those that seek true divine inner peace…

Thank you for your time on reading this.

If you try this please email me your feedback, would be very interested to know how were your reactions and how you felt.

The mantra word love is very powerful in your Consciousness.

You see those who don’t believe in magic never find it.

We are wizards and wizardesses of our own destiny.”

Yogi Brostar Philip Hilton

Good luck yogis and yoginis
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